Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus in (Malaysian and Singaporean spelling) literally "boiled noodles" in English) is a noodle dish popular in IndonesiaMalaysia, and Singapore. It is also often called mi kuah (noodle soup).

The dish is made of yellow egg noodles, which are also used in Hokkien mee, with a spicy slightly sweet curry-like gravy. The gravy is made from shrimps' broth, shallotslemongrassgalangalsalam leaf (Indonesian bayleaf), kaffir lime leaf, gula jawa (Indonesian dark palm sugar), salt, water, and corn starch as thickening agent. 

The dish is garnished with a hard boiled egg, dried shrimps, boiled potato, calamansi limesspring onionsChinese celerygreen chillies, fried firm tofu (tau kwa), fried shallots and bean sprouts. Some eateries serve it with beef, though rarely found in hawker centres, or add dark soy sauce to the noodles when served. The dish also goes well with satay.

Mee Rebus can be found at Mamak Stall or Indian-Muslim Restaurant anywhere in Malaysia.

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