Sri Maha Sakthi Mohambigai Amman Temple

Sri Maha Sakthi Mohambigai Amman Temple or well known as Mid Valley Temple is a 100-year-old Hindu temple in the centre of Mid Valley City. 

Dedicated to the goddess Mohambigai, a combination of the Hindu goddesses Parvathy, Saraswathy and Laxmi, it is an impressive building at night especially during Indian celebrations. 

The temple is dwarfed by Mid Valley Megamall, one of the city’s largest shopping malls. Two imposing statues known as bhootangals stand at its colourful gopuram (entrance gate) and act as guardians of the temple. 

The shrine also has a large Bodhi tree inside with a statue of a meditating Buddha under it.

Sri Maha Sakthi Mohambigai Amman Temple 

Location : Mid Valley City 58000 Kuala LumpurMalaysia.


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