Infoternak Farm

Infoternak Farm is located at Sungai Siput (U) sub-district about 30km from Ipoh town.

Lies within the secluded expanse of agricultural landscape, Infoternak Farm offers a unique agro-tourism experience for visitors. Long rows of wooden sheds lining along the vast grassland of more than 200 hectares provides a close-to-nature, peaceful environment which makes up an ideal getaway destination from the hectic city’s lifestyle.

Animals breed here include goats, deer, rabbits as well as ostriches and quails. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn and understand the breeding process of these livestock while milk and meat produce are also on sale here.
Goat’s milk which is rich in proteins and Vitamin A is reprocessed into bottles for making cheese, soaps and cosmetic items like shampoo, face cream and shaving lotion.
Facilities such as accommodations, prayers room (surau) and lecture/conference rooms are all available while catering can also be arranged for private functions. Outdoor activities can be arranged as well.

Infoternak Farm 
Jalan Ipoh, 31100 Chemor, Negeri Perak, Malaysia


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