The National Monument

The National Monument is a sculpture that commemorates those who died in Malaysia's struggle for freedom, principally against the Japanese occupation during World War II and the Malayan Emergency, which lasted from 1948 until 1960. 

The monument is one of the largest bronze statues in the world, it is 15,5 meters of height, built in 1966 and designed by architect Felix de Weldon (has designed amongst others the famous Iwo Jima monument). 

The statue represents the general freedom in Malaysia; the national anthem (anthem of freedom) is typically associated with this. The statue consists of 7 soldiers carrying the Malaysian flag. Each of the warriors represents one of the seven qualities of leadership: command, unity, strength, wariness, suffering, courage and sacrifice. 

Opens Daily : 07:00-18:00 

Admission: Free 

Address : Jalan Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Phone:+60 12-235 6023


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